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nobody likes your Android phone.

Check out Soundcore’s brand new high fidelity speaker, the X600! // With the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and series receiving ample praise in the face of it’s competition, the Pixel 7 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, I thought I’d shake things up a bit and post an opinion piece on why I think “nobody” likes “your” Android phone. If you own one, at least a high end one… I think you are not amidst a majority of people who purposefully invest into the iPhone. Sure, it may not be as fancy, featured or shiny… but it does everything it is designed to do very, very well. In this video I go over why I think the iPhone, specifically the 14 Pro (Max) is the best handset to go for if you’re in the market to spend about a $1000 USD!

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0:00-1:19 Intro
1:19-5:06 Apple’s human design
5:06-9:05 Specs don’t matter
9:05-13:26 Camera considerations
13:26-15:52 iOS is better… kinda.
15:52-17:24 Things Android’s do better
17:24-19:33 The final verdict