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iOS is Android Now


This pressures Apple to truly open iphone
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Phase Titles
0:00 Hello an Welcome
0:18 Apple permitting third-party applications
1:18 Thank you EU
2:02 App shop USED to be extremely safe
3:03 Apple still desires their 30%.
4:02 Will it involve United States?
5:12 App shop is currently TOO limiting.
6:08 Will this make applications more affordable?
6:58 Microsoft App Store ??
7:42 The Issues …
9:11 Is side-loading that essential?
10:01 What Apple is opening.
11:04 Third event AirTags.
11:45 apple iphone will certainly resemble Android.
12:55 There’s no going back …
13:55 MOST applications will certainly still make use of the App Store.
14:40 Our Hopes.